Friday, January 18, 2013

January 18th, 2013 - "Golden [Halos], Gold Whop Whop Whop"

Friends, drinkers, countrymen (and non-countrymen)... the Meista is here with another pairing for you and tonight we are going "golden!"  I'm pairing Red Rock Brewery's Golden Halo Blonde Ale with David Bowie's fantastic 1976 album, "Station To Station," which produced the hit single, "Golden Years."  Oh, and this one goes out to my "little" brother, Dain who is also a big Bowie fan and was also born in that "golden year" of 1976!  Cheers bro!!

Regarded by many (including me) as one of Bowie's best albums, "Station To Station" is his tenth studio outing and a significant change in direction.  Heavily influenced from his reading of Friedrich Nietzsche, Aleister Crowley, Greek and Norse mythology, and various religious texts along with a not-so-healthy, but rather steady diet of only an abundancy of cocaine, low-fat milk, and red and yellow peppers, Bowie embraced his new personna of the icy-cold and distant Thin White Duke with vehemence.  Lyrically dark, but sonically complex, fascinating, and even uplifting, "Station To Station" is a wonderfully mastered album of beauty and brutal honesty.  Of the album, Bowie years later stated, "The darkest days of my life ... I'm sure that it was a call for help."  In another interview he stated, "First, there's the content, which nobody's actually been terribly clear about. The "Station to Station" track itself is very much concerned with the stations of the cross. All the references within the piece are to do with the Kabbala. It's the nearest album to a magick treatise that I've written. I've never read a review that really sussed it. It's an extremely dark album. Miserable time to live through, I must say." And yet, musically "Station To Station" is poppy, catchy, and bright!  "Golden Years," "TVC 15" (listen to that guitar and sax work!!), and "Stay" are soulful, fast-paced rock and roll classics.  "Word On A Wing" is magical and profound.  And the finale, "Wild Is The Wind" is a moving, heartfelt track of honesty and brilliance!  Bowie was once quoted as saying that "Station To Station" along with follow up album "Low" were both "great, damn good" works.  Indeed!!  Huge understatement there!  :)

And speaking of "great, damn good," how about some Golden Halo Blonde Ale from Red Rock Brewery?  Characterized by a "bright" and cloudy golden color with a thin white head, the Golden Halo is a crisp and clean ale... perfectly suited for the crispness of "Station To Station."  The nose is mellow with a subtle Noble hop aroma coupled with malty biscuit and slight grassiness.  Employing German malts and Czech hops, the flavor is crisp, refreshing, and mellow.  There are slight notes of citrus along with malty breads and soft florals.  The mellowness of this brew works really well with the critical listen of "Station To Station."  Such a complex and profound album needs a good crisp brew that won't overpower the intensity of genius that is David Bowie!

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