Friday, January 18, 2013

January 18th, 2013 - World Cohoperdetonation!

The Meista here with another drunken and rambling pairing for you tonight!!  Every once in a while an album comes along that completely floors you, completely takes you by surprise.  Ladies and gentlemen... that album right now for me is "World Detonation" by English thrash band extraordinaire, Reign of Fury!  I just picked this up and I have listened to it countless times.  I'm pairing this monster of an album with a monster of a brew, the Cohoperation India-Style Rye Lager from the collaborative efforts of Red Rock Brewery (from Salt Lake City, Utah) and Pelican Brewery (from Pacific City, Oregon) tonight!

In the tradition of '80s California thrash (Testament, Hirax, Overkill, Exodus, etc.) with a touch of NWOBHM, old-school punk, and a titch of death metal, Reign of Fury's 2012 album, "World Detonation" is brutally powerful, exceptionally talent-driven, and pure, head-banging intensity!!  Like a pimply little 14-year old with a Hustler mag... I am totally getting off on this album!  It kills... it kicks ass... it is riveting metal perfection!!  I am not kidding... every song is a metal gem.  From the opening track, "Goodbye Mother Earth" to "Infernal Conflict" to "Envy The Dead" (my favorite... I think... but then again there is "Born To Die"!) to "Heaven Waits/Hell Takes" to the powerful finale, "The Hound," the Reign of Fury boys shred the shit out of this disc!!  Magic Dave's drumming coupled with Heavy Matt Earl's bass work is thunderous, powerful, and mystifying.  The dual guitar work of Jon Priestley and Ed Westlake is blisteringly fast, rich in tone, and reminiscent of the power and speed of Anthrax and Exodus with a sprinkling of Bad Religion for good measure... and their classical, acoustic intro work on "Heaven Waits/Hell Takes" is equally as wonderful!  And Bison's (clean and occasional growling) vocals are a thing of metal beauty that perfectly balance with the lyrics.  Title track, "World Detonation" is a masterful thrash monster as is "Vile Submission."  I cannot say enough about each track on this album... pure thrash metal gold!

And along the same lines, the Cohoperation India-Style Rye Lager by Red Rock Brewery and Pelican Brewery is a monster of a brew!  Floral, bitter, spicy, and oh so good, the Cohoperation is a big, complex rye IPA.  Like "World Detonation," it hits you right between the eyes (and taste buds)!  It pours a golden, orange hue with a white, foamy head that displays strong and sustained lacing throughout.  Very floral in character, the nose is weedy, hoppy, and quite aromatic.  There are notes of pine, citrus and black pepper.  The flavor is bitter and biting like the thrash intensity of Reign of Fury.  There are notes of grassy soil, peppery rye bread, and those oh so bitter Saaz hops.  All in all, a wonderfully complex and flavorful rye IPA.  (Thank you to the very sexy female bartender at the Beer Hive who suggested I try it!!)

Check out Reign of Fury at or on facebook at and pick up a copy of their kick-ass album "World Detonation" at the Heavy Metal Shop:!!  And check out Red Rock Brewery at and Pelican Brewery at

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