Wednesday, August 21, 2013

August 21st, 2013 - Spell Drinker Or Tumblin' With The Huntress

Good afternoon!  How's 'bout some heavy metal, mid-week, hump day goodness!?  Today I'm pairing "Spell Eater" by Huntress and a Sierra Nevada Tumbler Autumn Brown Ale!

So I had the great pleasure of seeing Huntress just last night here in Utah at the Great Saltair.  They opened for the mighty Danzig!  While there I purchased the album,"Spell Eater," which is the 2012 debut, full-length album by Huntress.  (I recently paired/reviewed their latest album here on the blog:   Don't tell my wife, but think I am in love with lead singer Jill Janus!  And not (necessarily) because she is beautiful; I am enamored by her huge vocal range, dark lyrics, and amazingly entertaining stage presence!  :)   That same presence and power is evident on "Spell Eater."  Along with Ms. Janus, Huntress' "Spell Eater" lineup is the multi-talented Blake Meahl on lead guitar, Ian Alden on rhythm guitar, Eric Harris on bass, and Carl Wierzbicky on drums.  Together, these guys combine classic metal, thrash, power metal, doom, death, and a little bit of black metal with skill, charisma, and panache to create a wonderfully rocking and powerful sound!  Opening and title track, "Spell Eater" hits you right between the eyes from note one!  And that driving metal onslaught continues throughout the album to the final note of "The Dark"!  Songs like "Senicide," "Snow Witch," "Eight Of Swords," "Aradia," "Night Rape," "Children," "Terror," and "The Tower" really display the musical prowess of this great band.  As with their new album, "Starbound Beast," this album kicks some major fucking heavy metal ass!!

For a profoundly solid metal album you need a profoundly solid ale... thus, the Sierra Nevada Tumbler Autumn Brown Ale.  Incredibly drinkable, the Tumbler is made with roasted chocolate malts and more subtle hops.  It pours a cloudy deep copper with a nice, off-white, and frothy head that retains good lacing throughout.  The nose is malty, nutty, earthy, and slightly smoky.  There are notes of dark chocolate, hazelnut, and dark bread.  As with the nose, the flavor is richly textured and layered.  It is full of deep roasted malt notes, toasted bread, dark chocolate, hints of buttery toffee, and soft smokiness.  Like "Spell Eater," the Tumbler Autumn Brown Ale is richly complex and flavorful, yet accessible.  It goes down easy and has a nice, clean finish.

If you crave some heavy as hell metal (and I know you do!), check out Huntress at or!!  And catch them on tour with Danzig right now or with Lamb of God later this year!!

Hails and cheers!!

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