Saturday, July 26, 2014

July 26th, 2014 - No Escape Because The IPA Mob Rules!

Afternoon ale and metal fans!  The Meista here with another rockin' pairing for you... today I'm going with "The Mob Rules" by Black Sabbath and an Escape To Colorado IPA from Epic Brewing Company!

Recorded at John Lennon's old English home Tittenhurst Park (where he recorded "Imagine") and released on November 4th, 1981, "The Mob Rules" is the 10th studio album by metal giants Black Sabbath.  It is the second album by the band to feature vocalist Ronnie James Dio.  (Due to contention and infighting, this would be Dio's final studio recording with Black Sabbath until they reunited in 1992 to record "Dehumanizer".)  "The Mob Rules" would be the first Black Sabbath album to feature monster drummer Vinny Appice, who had replaced Bill Ward during the "Heaven And Hell" tour due to Ward's health and addiction issues.  Easily in my top 100 albums of all time (if not much higher), "The Mob Rules" is a fan-freaking-tastic metal delivery!  With fantasy themed lyrics and heavy as hell riffs, each track is masterfully written and executed.  Tony Iommi's guitar work is fast, furious, and fiery.  Geezer Butler's bass delivery is about as heavy as it gets.  Dio's vocal performance is simply breathtaking.  And Appice brings the hammer down with his Bonzo-esque power.  I've read some criticisms of the album as just being "Heaven And Hell" part 2.  I'm not sure why that would be considered a bad thing. 

Escape To Colorado IPA from Epic Brewing Company is a very sessionable and drinkable, yet complex 6.2% ABV American IPA. It pours a straw gold with a 1 finger, bright white head that dissipates rather quickly.  The nose is characterized by grassy, bready, floral, and citrusy aromas.  There are notes of freshly baked bread, grapefruit, lemon, and tangerine along with pine and summer grass aromas.  Light bodied, the mouthfeel is somewhat thin, but very crisp.  Brewed with Mosaic and whole leaf Apollo hops, the flavor is characterized by big tropical fruit, grass, and pine, along with bready malt flavors.  There are notes of pineapple, mango, pink grapefruit, subtle fresh herbs and spices (basil, thyme, black pepper), and pine resin.  There are also some nice, mellow sweet caramel/toffee notes.  The finish is dry, crisp, and slightly bitter.  Matching the punchiness and aggressiveness of "The Mob Rules", Escape To Colorado IPA is an exceptionally tasty brew to accompany an afternoon rocking out to the Sabbath boys!

Raise those pints and horns... cheers and hails brothas and sistas!! 

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